Fantastic Men’s Products to Offer Your Clients

One of the best ways to boost your overall revenue as a salon professional is by boosting the product line you offer to your clients. But many professionals are overlooking a significant portion of their client base with their product offerings. If your retail selection doesn’t offer products tailored to your male clients, you’re missing out on serious revenue potential.

At National Salon Resources, we offer a wide range of salon products including many fantastic products your male clients will love. In this post, we’ll talk about how offering great men’s salon products can boost your profits. Read on to learn about some of the best men’s products you should start offering your clients.

1.Facial Hair Products

Men’s facial hair has been having a bit of a renaissance in the past decade or so. Younger generations are joining the ranks of bearded gentlemen and purchasing grooming products that make their beards look healthy and well-groomed. Even the mustache is making a comeback. From handlebar mustaches to thick, retro styles that hearken back to Freddie Mercury, there’s never been a better time to add men’s facial hair grooming products to your list of salon add-ons. Consider offering Reuzel’s Beard Foam for luxurious facial hair care your clients will love.

2.Luxurious Men’s Hair Care

Having less care doesn’t necessarily mean purchasing less product, and the men’s hair products available today have come leaps and bounds from what was available decades ago. Reuzel Blue Pomade is a decadent pomade with a warm vanilla fragrance and lasting hold that isn’t sticky. With the hold of wax and the consistency of a gel, your clients will love the way this product holds back their quiffs, pompadours, mohawks, and faux-hawks all day long.

3.Calming Aftershave

With a soothing aftershave product, you’re offering your clients added comfort and healing after they shave. Reuzel’s Woods & Spice Aftershave can calm your clients’ skin after their daily shave while helping tiny razor nicks to heal. With its earthy spice-and-wood aroma, your clients will look forward to their daily grooming routine.

Men’s Professional Salon Supplies for Licensed Cosmetologists

If you’re not taking advantage of your male client base, it’s time to get on board and start offering men’s products they’ll love. Your clients will appreciate your attentiveness to their needs, and your overall sales will get an added boost.

It’s also a great idea to expand your offerings to include more neutral and natural products like CBD Intensive Cream and Rollerball Serum. To learn more about products your male clients will love, sign up for your National Salon Resources account or connect with our salon product experts at 800-622-0003.