National Salon Resources offers cutting-edge, modern business classes for salon and spa owners and managers. Our industry experts provide valuable insights into best business practices while sharing ideas for how you can grow your business to the next level. We offer advice on a wide array of topics such as revenue enhancement, expense review and management, cash flow, rental vs. commission structure, social media, and selling online.


Our distinguished instructors include seasoned professionals, leading manufacturers, established business partners, and our own NSR team members who have been working with salon business owners and managers for decades. They will help you develop a roadmap for business growth while establishing benchmarks along the way


National Salon’s classes yield proven results for business success. Our classes teach you how to elevate your business while continuing to do what you’ve always loved. We designed our courses for creative learners like you who want to incorporate new concepts that make a remarkable difference in the success and stability of your business.


To find out more about our salon business classes or sign up for your first course, contact us today at 800-622-0003, or message us on our contact page.