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National Salon offers comprehensive men’s hair cutting classes for beginners, intermediate stylists, and advanced students. Our men’s hair cutting course will teach you classic barbering techniques to help you improve your skills and techniques.


The barber classes for cosmetologists will teach you techniques such as scissor-over-comb, clippers, layering, graduation, and lines. There is wide range of variations to these techniques. We will teach hairstyle fundamentals to give you a complete range of contemporary styles and classic styles that transcend all trends. Our courses will provide you with a platform to expand your repertoire and experiment with new styles.


In addition to practicing different hairstyles, you will also discover how bone structure, proportion, and suitability play roles in how to perfect your client’s look. You will come to understand that a hairstyle is more than the hair itself. National Salon men’s hair cutting classes will help you hone and develop your skills to give your clients the best performance possible. You will also gain insight into proper techniques for parting hair in different types of hair textures. We will also discuss hair products and tools that you will need to make your cuts successful and refined.