National Salon’s hair smoothing courses are suitable for both beginning stylists and seasoned professionals. You will learn keratin treatment training as well as the benefits of smoothing.


When you engage in one of our hair smoothing courses, you will learn various methods of the technique. You will acquire knowledge and skills that give you command of different approaches to straighten and rehabilitate hair. The keratin treatment training will help you diagnose different hair types and the quality of hair structure. You will have a better understanding of hair and scalp health so that you can help your clients set realistic expectations for treatment.


You will also learn sectioning concepts and other preparation methods that help you perform the work professionally. National Salon can help you select the type of smoothing method best suited to a specific hair type. You will also have training for how to deal with challenging scenarios and results that are less than favorable, including working on two of the most difficult hair types — puffy hair and thinning or damaged hair. You will also gain insight into how to teach your clients to maintain healthy hair.