CATEGORY Hair Extensions

Hair extensions add more length and dimension to hairstyles. New extensions are lighter, more comfortable, and easy to apply and remove. Extensions offer a highlighted effect or a deep tone that makes hair fuller and gives it more body.

Hair Extensions allow people to change their hairstyles without cutting hair or waiting for it to grow. They add length, shape, and style. Hair extensions are formulated to eliminate frizz and static while prolonging the life of a user’s favorite pieces. Professionals can add proper care to their clients. With ongoing care, the extensions will last longer and retain their natural beauty.

There’s a wide array of hair extension supplies so that you have everything you need to provide the perfect hairstyle for any client. National Salon offers extension brushes, wide tooth combs, detanglers, and hydra conditioners. You can also offer treatment spray that’s intended for extension applications. The spray will lock in the cuticle, making the strands less vulnerable to heat damage. You may also want to offer leave-in conditioner. It will repair damaged hair while the extensions are in. All of our hair extension supplies will give each customer a more satisfactory style, length, and weight without curling or straightening.