Elgon – Imagea Absolute Mask 16.9oz

SKU: 71686

Absolute Mask is the mask with Andean Quinoa extract, which can, through its action:
-Pamper hair
-Make hair combable and brilliant
-Provide an antioxidant effect that prevents the haircolor from fading

-Olive oil: known for its emollient properties. Deep nourishes the hair because it is rich in vitamin A and essential fatty acids such as linoleic acid.
-Andean quinoa proteins: proteins derived from the quinoa, augment color retention, give hair body, improve its appearance and make it shinier.
-Pomegranate extracts: rich in nutrients such as Vitamin C, folic acid and polyphenols that give an antioxidant and anti-fading action.

PRODUCT IDEAL FOR for dyed, dry or damaged hair.
  • Weight: 17 oz

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