Elgon – LINK-D Bond Sealer N.4 3.6oz

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Elgon – LINK-D – Bond Sealer N.4 – 3.6oz


Link-D line

Link-D line is a product line that:

• reconstructs the hair fibre [Rebuild];
• protects the hair [Protect];
• restores strenght to the hair from technical damage after any chemical treatment. [Restore Hair].

BOND SEALER N°4 is a serum for the hair for professional and home use. It creates a protective barrier on the hair’s cuticles, which is capable of maintaining moisture and prolonging the repairing effect on the disulphide bridges created by the previous Link-D steps. It gives hair gloss and protects its shine by acting as a UV filter.


  • Weight: 4 oz

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