Milbon – AF 2 Defrizz Empty Pump Bottle

SKU: 08825

Eliminate frizz. Define waves & curls. Milbon – Anti-Frizz 2 Defrizz Empty Pump Bottle is an important piece of step No. 2 in this lightweight professional 3-step deep conditioning treatment is masterfully formulated to effectively defrizz the hair while helping extend blowouts and styles amid high humidity in the air. Results last up to 5 weeks.

No.1: A blend of 5 ceramides preps the hair for maximum moisture absorption and retention

No.2: A glycerin mix optimizes moisture distribution by targeting hydrophobic regions in the cortex

No.3: Cationized 18-MEA locks in moisture and shields the hair from changing humidity in the air

No.4 Weekly Booster : A ceramide blend, glycerin, and cationized 18-MEA refresh & prolong results

  • Weight: 1 oz

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