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  • Milbon – Scalp Treatment Empty Pump Bottle 17.9oz

Milbon – Scalp Treatment Empty Pump Bottle 17.9oz

SKU: 08901

Milbon Scalp Treatment Empty Pump Bottle 17.9 oz will make adding Milbon’s Scalp Treatment even easier!

Dry or oily, itchy or flaky — Milbon’s fastidious research exposed a single root cause for all these undesirable conditions: excess fatty acids on the scalp. 

The 2nd step to normalize the scalp is to replenish essential moisture and oil with the lightweight Hydrating Treatment for the scalp and hair. Skincare-grade sugar squalane bolsters the scalp’s naturally occurring hydrolipid film to bind in moisture and protect the scalp – while imparting a natural shine to the hair and ensuring fullness. Shampoo with Purifying Gel Shampoo and treat with Soothing Moisturizer for best results. 

Expert Tip: After shampooing, squeeze out excess moisture and apply to the scalp and hair. To evenly distribute on the scalp, spread the conditioner well on all fingertips and slide the pads of your fingers directly on the scalp in an upward motion and massage. Rinse from the scalp and hair thoroughly.

  • Weight: 1 oz

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