Moroccanoil – Weightless Hydrating Mask

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Weightless Hydrating Mask – For fine dry hair For hair in need of extra conditioning, these five-minute revival treatments feature rich and creamy formulas that deeply hydrate and moisturize, while improving texture and manageability. Rich in antioxidant argan oil, plus nourishing ingredients, hair is instantly revived and revitalized. ?? Hydrates ?? Restores elasticity and shine ?? Treats in 5??7 minutes ?? No heat required HOW TO USE Apply a generous amount to shampooed, towel-dried hair and comb through to distribute product evenly. Let product absorb for 5??7 minutes. As with all Moroccanoil masks, no heat is required. Rinse and style as usual. No conditioner is necessary. The hydrating masks can be used once or twice a week as needed (in place of a conditioner) to maintain healthy-looking hair. Tip: For thick, coarse hair, mix about 1??2 pumps of Moroccanoil Treatment with 1 teaspoon of the Intense Hydrating Mask for added shine and elasticity. Key Ingredients ?? Argan Oil: restores elasticity, smoothness and manageability to hair. ?? Behentrimonium Chloride: an anti-static and conditioning agent. ?? Dimethicone: a fine, cosmetic-grade silicone that is natural, derived from sand. Silicones act as a lightweight lubricant to make the surface of the hair feel smooth without leaving residue. Weightless Hydrating Mask ?? Shea Butter: soothing and moisturizing, provides nourishing benefits to hair and scalp. ?? Hydrolized Vegetable Protein: improves and restores elasticity and strength to porous or damaged hair. What is the difference between Intense Hydrating Mask and Weightless Hydrating Mask, and when should each one be used? The Intense Hydrating Mask is most suitable for medium to thick, dry hair, while the Weightless Hydrating Mask is formulated for finer hair types, or those with lighter-colored hair. Both are applied for 5??7 minutes and require no heat to achieve optimal conditioning benefits.

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