RefectoCil – Micellar Makeup Remover 5.07oz

SKU: 33526

Micellar Eye Make-up Remover–cleans & strengthens lashes!

The new RefectoCilEye Make-up Remover attracts eye make-up magnetically thanks to the new Micellar technology and cleans thoroughly–no rubbing! For an ideal tinting result and long-lasting duration use RefectoCil Micellar Eye Make-up Remover before styling the eye area. The new formula is lash strengthening and oil free.

NEW: New design, new size!

Tip: Also use RefectoCil Micellar Eye Make-up Remover on clients not wearing any make-up to make sure skin lipids are removed and therefore optimum tinting result is ensured.

  • Weight: 5 oz

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