National Salon Resources offers complete nail products and care treatments available for salon owners and cosmetologists. While nail treatment helps nails to grow and strengthen, while our nail beauty products give your clients’ nails a stunning look. If your clients what to revive dry, brittle nails and make them shine, you can provide complete nail care and treatment.

A base nail treatment can be applied to bare nails in just one coat. It can also be applied over nail color to reinforce and strengthen nails. Clients can step into your salon and get everything they need to enhance and beautify their nails. You can get the brand you want to stay current with trends and the latest fashion styles.

Do some of your clients have weak nails? Nail thickener will bolster soft, thin, and ridged nails. It gives nails protection against bending or breaking while forming a hard shield. A thickener is also perfect for filling in imperfections and giving nails a smooth surface. National Salon also offers a wide range of supplies and accessories for applying nail polish or treatment. When your clients enter your salon, you’ll have everything you need to provide a memorable experience and make a lasting impression.