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Eyelash growth is no game; stay safe out there. Anytime you’re putting anything on your eyes, you should do a significant amount of research on the product. Sadly, even when you do your due diligence to pick the best and safest products, you still have to take precautions. The majority of cosmetic companies around the world have fallen victim to counterfeit product. This means that simply picking the right brand isn’t enough anymore.

To help keep our customers safe from counterfeit LiLash®—which may contain harmful ingredients—we’ve compiled a list of red flags. Once you’ve found the best purified eyelash serum, follow these steps to ensure your purchase is legit.

1. If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is.

While it’s nearly impossible to pass up a good deal, a low price not seen anywhere else on the web is a red flag. If a store is working directly with the manufacturer, there is often a MSRP that they are required to use. So if you see a promise of growing your eyelashes longer for the low price of $19.99, you should definitely walk the other way. Sites such as Amazon, eBay, and Overstock are often culprits of this. (Note: there are no authorized sellers on Amazon or Overstock.)

2. If the website doesn’t seem to be working properly, this isn’t a good sign.

If you’re looking to place your order on a website that is having problems loading, has glitches in different areas, or an array of misspelled words, think again! Most brands vet out the different places their products will be sold, including online, and would likely not partner with a site that has these elements. If you see more than one of these, it’s probably best to take your business elsewhere.

3. Check out the return policy before purchasing.

If you order through an authorized salon, you’ll see that we offer a 90-day money-back guarantee. Most legitimate companies offer some sort of return policy, as products don’t always agree with everyone. If you come across a website that sells purified lash serums but doesn’t allow you to return the product once you’ve made the purchase, steer clear! They are likely selling counterfeit product and don’t want to give consumers the option to get their money-back when they don’t see any results.

4. Take notice of the expiration date.

If you find an authorized seller who seems to be selling their product for cheaper than normal, it’s good practice to look at the expiration date. While putting expired product on your eyes likely won’t cause you any harm, it also might not grow your eyelashes longer as promised. We changed our packaging back in 2017, and we still see purple and teal product being sold on the Internet. Again, while it isn’t harmful, you won’t get what you paid for!

5. Verify the salon is an authorized reseller.

The safest way to guarantee you’re purchasing real product is to check with the brand itself. Even if you don’t purchase directly from their website, you can ask them for their list of authorized sellers in your area. You may also ask them how to go about authenticating the product. For example, all LiLash® boxes now have a hologram on the side of the package to ensure customers they are getting the genuine article. While getting long, curled eyelashes is the goal, the most important thing is to stay safe. Follow these steps, and you’ll have no problem achieving your best lashes ever in the safest way possible.

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