4 Reasons Salon Professionals Recommend Elgon Hair Color

After a year of letting their hair grow out and leaning into outgrown root looks, clients are ready to treat themselves with fresh hair color. And with fall right around the corner, there’s no better time to remind regular salon clients to schedule a visit. If you’re looking for a new product that really stops them in their tracks, it’s time to check out Elgon hair color products.

In this post, we’re breaking down some of the top reasons salon professionals are recommending Elgon hair color to their clients this fall. To order Elgon salon products for your clients, call National Salon today.

1.Rich Color

Elgon’s permanent color line is designed to be rich, vibrant, and decisive, perfect for clients looking for a high level of personalized coverage. Each tube provides a maxi-dose of intense color that covers grays surprisingly well with 100% coverage.

2.Healthy Shine

Too often, colored hair can appear dull after a few washes. Elgon clients rave about the silky, bright shine that lasts. Elgon’s micropigment formulation means less cuticle swelling so hair looks healthier longer.

With 30-40% less ammonium than other oxidation salon products, the physical and chemical melanin structure of hair endures less damage. Lactic acid softens while it shines while salicylic acid brightens and protects. And all Elgon hair color products are dermatologically tested.


More than ever, clients want color that lasts. Elgon uses Silker Complex 3, a complex silk protein blend made from synthetic polymers and silk fibers, to form a protective barrier. This hydrophobic barrier protects the scalp and reduces color fading caused by washing. And antioxidants work to ensure color stability over time.

4.Lots of Options

One of the great things about Elgon hair color is the choice. Elgon has everything you need to create the looks your clients want from stunning, movie-star reds and blondes to rich, natural browns. Elgon also offers a complete range of creative colors from brilliant, candy-colored pastels to vivid rainbow colors.

Order Your Elgon Hair Color Salon Products

With clients already calling in for fall hair appointments, Elgon is the perfect addition to your fall marketing campaign this season. To help you get inspired, we even offer education opportunities like hair coloring and balayage classes.

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