Best Hair Products for Damaged Hair

Between all of the color, product, and styling, maintaining beautiful hair that turns heads can take a lot of work. But unfortunately, all of that effort can be tough on your hair and eventually start to take a toll. From thermal damage to environmental factors, every little thing our hair is exposed to can strip hair of its natural lushness and health. That’s why clients count on their stylists to help restore and protect their hair.

At National Salon Resources, we work with salon professionals across the country every day to help them give their clients the best service in the industry. In this post, we’re breaking down some of the best products for damaged hair so you can give your clients more of what they need. Contact National Salon Resources to get started today!

The Keys to Great Hair

Giving your clients the keys to healthy hair begins with healthy habits. When your clients express concerns about split ends, breakage, dryness, or damage-related frizz, begin by discussing some basic hair health facts.

Talk to your client about some of the factors that may be causing their hair to become dried or damaged, and then make recommendations for products that help repair and protect.

Many clients don’t realize how much factors like these can impact their hair health:

●Wringing out hair with a towel


●Heated styling


●Poor brushing habits

●Cheap hair ties

●Regular heat drying


●Swimming pool chemicals

●Dietary factors

Recommending the Right Products

When you connect your clients with great products that help to repair their hair, everybody wins. You’re giving your clients the tools they need to take charge of their hair health between appointments and keep their style looking great longer. But you’re also giving your business an upsell that clients will keep coming back for.

These are some of the best restorative hair products to recommend to your clients:


While most clients use a conditioner regularly, far too many are using the wrong conditioner. Help your clients find a conditioner that helps to balance their hair’s pH levels while preserving the balance of moisture. For men’s hair, Reuzel conditioner uses a T-4 tonic blend with strengthening horsetail root extract and moisturizing rosemary extract.

●Protective Products

The air is full of harmful pollutants that dull hair. With products like Alter Ego’s Urban Proof Cream, clients can shield their hair from damaging pollutants like heat metals and smog with protective argan and sesame oil.


When hair needs a deeper level of nourishing, a good mask can enrich the cuticle with antioxidants, nutrients, and proteins. Elgon’s Imagea Absolute Mask is a perfect product for hair that’s been damaged by color, making hair shinier while helping to prevent fading. And healing products like Morrocanoil’s Restorative Mask helps to rebuild elasticity while restoring the healthy appearance of hair.

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