Choosing the Best Online Salon Products to Offer Your Clients

As a salon professional, you want to do everything you can do to increase your profits. That’s why more salon industry professionals are taking advantage of the opportunity to offer online salon products to their clients. Offering online cosmetologist supplies to your clients gives them the chance to purchase their favorite products while boosting your sales beyond appointment revenue.

At National Salon Resources, we offer a Salon Interactive program to help salon professionals sell directly to their clients online. With personalized service and more than 2,000 products, our team of sales consultants can help you choose products your clients will love. Read on to learn about how we can help you choose the best online salon products for your clients.

Setting Up Your Online Store

It used to be that in order to sell quality salon products to your clients, you had to stock inventory in your salon. For salon professionals with limited space, this meant deciding on a limited inventory, which limited opportunities for sales.

With an online store, salon pros don’t have to worry about stocking inventory. Instead, they’re able to choose the products they wish to offer and let their clients shop from their own homes. The only decision they’ll need to make is what they want to offer their clients.

Deciding What to Offer

It’s difficult to offer clients products you’re unfamiliar with. That’s why having access to valuable education tools can be a game-changer. When you partner with National Salon Resources, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about product features and check out helpful demos. You’ll learn all about upcoming trends so you can stay on the cutting edge of the beauty industry. You’ll also learn about techniques and tips you can use in your salon.

These are just a few of the great salon product lines we offer:

●Alter Ego

●Color Wow





Professional Beauty Supplies for Licensed Cosmetologists

If you still need help choosing the right online products to offer your clients, an NSR Salon Consultant can help. Speak to a Salon Consultant about your clientele base and the kind of products you’re hoping to offer. We’ll help direct you to the right products and tools for your goals and answer any questions you have.

To learn more about our National Salon Resources partnership program, give us a call or text to connect with a member of our team at 1-800-622-0003. Or sign up online to get your National Salon Resources account today.