Try These Fall Salon Promotion Ideas Now

It’s that time of year again when the air is beginning to cool. Before we know it, the holidays will be right around the corner. Now is a perfect time to take advantage of fall promotions. Fall is a time when many clients are looking for new looks to start up a new season. Read on to learn about some of our favorite fall salon promotion ideas from Nail Salon Resources and then contact us to offer beautiful products your clients will love.

Start With Fall 2020 Hair Trends

When planning your fall promotions, beginning with fall 2020 hair trends is a good place to start. Clients love to try out new hair trends and fashions in the fall. Stay on top of hair trends and feature them in your Instagram posts. Be sure to use hashtags and encourage followers to subscribe to your social media accounts to see more content about upcoming hair trends.

Here are a few looks you can expect to see trending this fall:

Bright pops of color: Inspired by Billie Eilish, the bright color trend is still going strong. Expect to see more vivid bangs and single swaths of color. Promote ColorWow products to keep bright hair from fading too quickly.

Long waves: Long waves continue to trend this season. Clients love the versatility of long hair. It can easily be pulled back or styled in almost limitless variations. Promote anti-frizz hair smoothing products and heat-protective products to help clients maintain the look from home.

Textured ponytails: Expect the textured ponytail look to pick up steam this fall. Across social media you’ll find ponytails featured in all kinds of creative looks with ponies including tied with a ribbon, high and tight, dual-textured. Texturizing products are a must for this look.

Promoting Fall Looks

Before you start your fall promotions, it’s a good idea to think about your goals. For example, adding to your list of regular clients and increasing your add-on sales are solid goals to prioritize.

Here are a few time-tested promotions to try this fall:

1.Share your work.

The best way to win clients over is to offer looks they want. When you style clients with trending looks or develop looks you love, take photos. Share these online and in a binder your clients can look through while they wait for their appointments.

2.Target wedding clients.

Although June was once the month most people associated with weddings, these days, fall weddings are huge. If you style wedding hair, take advantage of social media to promote wedding packages with hashtags.

3.Use social media contests to get subscribers and promote products.

Try out products in trending looks and offer product packages as contest rewards. Ask followers to share a post and subscribe to your page for an entry. The winner will get to check out new products and you’ll get new subscribers and clients leads in the process.

Order Salon Hair Care Products to Promote

Sign up for your National Salon Resources account today to connect with a team member who can help you meet your fall promotion goals. With our National Salon Resources partnership program, you’ll be able to sell high-quality salon products directly to your clients online. Call us or text to connect with a member of our team at 1-800-622-0003.