National Salon Resources Predicts 2021 Hair Color Trends

We’re all craving something new and fresh in 2021. Everyday people have been in survival mode and when it comes to hair care, basic maintenance became the trend no one wanted in 2020.

As hope of the economy opening back up trickles in, customers will be ready to let their adventurous side shine through, and as we know in this industry, that means hair transformation will be a go-to for customers. In this post, we’ll break down the looks clients are asking for as we celebrate the beginning of a new year. Contact National Salon Resources to order hair color products for your clients.

1.The Big Fix

Customers have been trying to maintain without you. Some may have turned their hair care from a do-it-themselves necessity into a ruin-it-yourself hair disaster. When they first make their way back to regular hair care and scheduled appointments, you will likely be faced with the fix-it appointment(s) first.

Remember to set expectations when clients are looking for hair transformation. This will be a great opportunity to highlight repair & hair-strengthening products to your clients for upsell. If you haven’t yet, set up your FREE Salon Interactive online storefront that allows your clients to purchase product recommendations right from the chair (without having to take on the financial burden of inventory).

2.Big Red

2020 was a big year for dramatic red hair color, but the trend will hit even harder in 2021. This winter, darker-haired clients are getting in on the trend with subtle, warm auburns and shiraz reds. We’ll also see more clients asking for subdued light reds like cinnamon, rose gold, honey blonde, and copper. For a more daring look, vivid reds like crimson, scarlet, and ruby will be on fire this season. Be sure to check with your National Salon Resources Salon Consultant or Customer Care Consultant about hair color promotions, intros, education classes, and offerings.

3.Unique Combinations

Over the past few years, trends have run through every fun color in the book from silver-grays to baby pinks and vivid blues. This year, stylists are taking the color wheel to the next level with dreamy, artistic combinations like aubergine and smoky blue or lemon yellow highlights against ginger hair. National Salon Resources offers Elgon’s Moda&Styling, a permanent color line that has 98 shades to choose from. As many customers have decided to engage in healthier-lifestyles recently, Elgon’s Imagea is the line that guarantees excellent professional results using as many products with plant derived active ingredients and ecological and eco-sustainable materials as possible.

4.Dark Plum

Clients with lighter hair shades don’t get to have all the fun. This season we’ll see ultra-chic super-dark shades like darkest midnight blue, deep burgundy, blackest cherry, one-dimensional dark chocolate, and dark plum.

Hair Coloring Classes and Professional Salon Products

If you’re like us, you’re loving the new looks 2021 has in store for hair color and you can’t wait to share them with your clients. We offer online hair coloring classes to help you get ahead of this season’s hottest looks.

To find out which classes and professional salon products are right for these looks, call 1-800-622-0003 and connect with National Salon Resources. Or sign up online for your National Salon Resources account through our partnership program today.