Creating Your 2021 Salon Success Map

2020 is coming to a close, and a new year is right around the corner. As this year winds down and we get ready to ring in the new, now is an ideal time to get a jump start on next year’s marketing strategy.

At National Salon Resources, we partner with salon industry professionals to help them succeed by offering professional salon products, education, and business support. We’ve put together this post to help you create a map for salon success in the coming year. Give us a call to discuss your salon success strategy today!

1.Start With a Review.

To plan for the coming year, begin by evaluating your progress over the past year. Throughout the year, you should be collecting data that you can use to set goals for the following year. Keep track of the number of appointments you have each month including data on new clients per month. You’ll also need to look over your total annual revenue and your monthly revenue.

2.Look at Your Marketing Strategy.

Examine your marketing campaigns over the past year and compare them against the above numbers to get an idea of their impact. Track your social media posts, new website visitors, online reviews, and marketing spending as well as any special promotions you offered. Your goal is to decide what’s working well for you and where your efforts may be better spent elsewhere.

3.Develop Your 2021 Business Goals

A successful marketing strategy begins with realistic goal-setting. Setting these goals gives you focus and sets the course for your new year. Set goals and then continue collecting data to measure your progress throughout the year. One example of a quantifiable goal is to increase your total number of new clients or monthly appointments by a specific number. Likewise, setting a specific amount of revenue increase per month is also a solid goal. Leave room to be flexible! 2020 has created unprecedented circumstances and in preparing for 2021, we’ve learned that being flexible allows for ease in adapting to whatever may come up.

4.Set Your Promotions

Think ahead when it comes to setting up your promotions for the year. Set up your digital calendar for each month to highlight promotions that help achieve your goals. Planning ahead well in advance for your promotions gives you plenty of time to get the word out on social media and plan which salon products you want to promote. Don’t be afraid to have fun with your promotions to get your regular customers working for you by sharing the word on social media.

5.Sign Up for SalonInteractive

As you review the year 2020 ask yourself, “What opportunities did I have to continue to make money, even while my customers quarantined? How can I still be valuable to my customers when they can’t come in for service?” If you haven’t done so, check out one of our most empowering tools for success during uncertain times, SalonInteractive. SalonInteractive is a perfect side hustle opportunity. Add SalonInteractive products & your customer shop URL to your marketing mix for great content, to stay top of mind & to increase your bottom line. Learn more about and sign up for SalonInteractive today by clicking HERE.

Call for Beauty Supply and Education Support

To push your salon success plan to the next level and increase your revenue in 2021, our salon consultants can help guide you in creating the ultimate success map. To connect with a customer service representative and take advantage of our National Salon Resources partnership program, call or text us at 1-800-622-0003. You can also sign up online for your National Salon Resources account today.