Teaching Your Clients to Style Their Own Hair

Your clients come into your salon to get their hair done, but they also come for so much more. The best stylists give their clients a complete experience, treating them to a much-needed self-care break and giving them a look they can work with on their own. At the same time, clients appreciate stylists helping them find the best salon products for their individual needs.

However, one of the biggest challenges for stylists is how to effectively give their clients the knowledge they need to recreate a look on their own without a stylist’s help. At National Salon Resources, we help salon industry professionals with the tools they need to succeed. In this post, we’re sharing advice to help you teach clients to style their own hair. Give us a call to learn more about our professional salon products and classes for stylists!

The Value of Teaching Your Clients

There’s nothing quite like the look on your client’s face when you’ve just given them a hot new look that’s exactly what they were hoping for. But if they’re unable to recreate that look once they get home, they can end up disappointed or even consider using a different stylist next time.

The problem isn’t the hair \style itself. It’s the client’s ability to use the right salon products and tools to achieve their desired results. Taking the time to show your clients how to get those results on their own can completely transform their experience.

Here are just a few benefits of teaching clients to manage their style:

●They’re happier with the results.

●They’re more likely to give you return business.

●They appreciate the time and effort you spent with them.

●A great hairstyle is a good representation of your business and could earn you more clients.

●You can help clients find the best salon products to create that look, giving you an upselling opportunity.

Once you’ve given your clients what they need to get the same look at home, offer them doorstep delivery on professional salon products between appointments with NSR. With a National Salon Resources digital storefront, your clients can get the products they need without ever leaving their homes. You’ll have the opportunity to stay in touch with your clients online, which means you can easily maintain that important connection needed to keep them coming back for future looks.

Follow these tips to maximize your client education:

●Consider recording your process for popular looks and sharing it on social media.

●If your client doesn’t purchase salon products at their appointment, be sure to follow up with them and offer doorstep delivery service.

●Share a second-day or third-day style look so they have another easy go-to look.

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