Try These Salon Promotions

There are many promotion opportunities throughout the year when it comes to marketing. Salon products and services make a thoughtful gift for friends, loved ones and family members alike.

At National Salon Resources, we connect salon industry professionals with professional beauty supplies, hair education, and other keys to salon success. In today’s post, we’re sharing some of our most fabulous promotion ideas to help you promote salon supplies your clients will love. Contact us to kick off your promotion today!

1.Social Media Promotions

If you’re not fully taking advantage of social media to promote your salon services and products, you’re missing out on important opportunities. Consider investing in sponsored ads or create a special giveaway. Clients love sharing their favorite ideas and products on social media, which means satisfied clients will promote salon products they love for you!

2. Create Gift Sets

People love getting self-care gifts. To capitalize on and inspire guests to make a purchase, bundle up gift cards or salon products with other traditional gifts such as candy or candles in cute packaging. Be sure to promote your gift sets on social media or use them in a giveaway to get more followers!

3. Promote a “Date-Night” Special

Clients want to look their best for their special evening. Promote a date-night special to get your clients ready for their romantic evening.

4. Send a Card or Thank You Note

This idea is as simple as it is sweet. Send your regular clients a charming card in the mail along with a certificate for a free gift with their appointment. This is a fantastic opportunity to share new hair products you want your clients to try and get hooked on! If they love their gifts, let them know you can schedule regular orders so they always have plenty of their favorite new salon products.

5. Order Your Professional Salon Products

Happy clients that can’t wait to purchase their favorite new salon products! At National Salon Resources, we partner with you so you can get your clients more of what they love and help you increase your sales in the process!

To talk with a member of our team about salon products your clients will love, call us at 1-800-622-0003 and ask about our National Salon Resources accounts. Or sign up online for your National Salon Resources account today!