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Aug 07

The Benefits of Keune Tinta Hair Color

Whether you want to cover grey, have a richer color or just a new look, coloring your hair can be a fun experience. With the help of Keune Tinta hair color, the options are endless. Not only do you get a great look, you also get a silky soft shine, superb conditioned hair, no staining […]

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Jul 30

4 Essential Beauty Products

With summer in full swing, you want to make sure you pack the best beauty products for your long weekend getaway. Whether you’re road tripping it or flying, you’ll want to spend less time worrying about what to pack and more time enjoying the sun than worrying about your beauty routine. To help you make […]

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Jul 16

Nutrients That Promote Hair Health

Protein is a vital component to hair care. It is necessary for tissue repair and for new tissue i.e. skin, nails and hair. Every cell requires protein in order to maintain its life. This means the more protein you have, the stronger your hair, nails and skin will be. Your hair grows about ¼ to […]

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Jun 29

4 Benefits of Using a Quality Facial Scrub

For those looking for younger looking and healthy skin, you must take care of your skin thoroughly. One important skincare product to use is a facial scrub. Compared to other parts of the body, the skin on the face is very sensitive and can be prone to dark spots, dryness and acne, just to name […]

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